Hair 101: Raw vs. Virgin Hair

With all of the terminology floating around the hair community nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to tell what is what. Well today, i’m gonna alleviate some of that confusion, and explain the difference between raw hair, and virgin hair.

Raw Hair: Raw hair is completely unprocessed. It is cut straight from a donor’s head, and wefted. It sometimes comes unwashed, frizzy, and often times

IMG_5636will also have a few nits (lice eggs), which is why you should ALWAYS make sure you wash your hair before you wear it. Since the hair is cut, and sold as is, it is often hard to find other bundles or closures to match raw hair because different donors have different hair colors and curl patterns. Each bundle is unique. Raw hair takes a lot of experimenting with different products in order to make it work or act right. The origins of raw hair are often times either Indian, or Cambodian. Indian hair is thin and light, while Cambodian strands tend to be thicker.

Virgin Hair: Virgin hair is put through steam processing in order to create a more uniform pattern for the hair. This steam process is how sleek straight hair, deep wave, body wave, curly, water wave, etc. are achieved.

haiirIt is also why you don’t have to worry about things such as nits being in your hair if you decide to buy virgin, because the steam process makes them easier to remove (You should still wash ALL hair that you purchase before putting it into your head!!!). It’s not hard to find an exact match to virgin hair since it is all processed to look exactly alike depending on what pattern you are looking for. Don’t let the fact that the hair is steam processed scare you away. Although raw hair may last longer, virgin hair is easier to care for, and maintain. You might hear different names for virgin hair such as Brazillian, Peruvian, Malaysian, or Mink (which is an animal might I add), but the reality of the situation is that it’s all the same hair. Most of it is Chinese human hair processed to look a different way, so don’t be so caught up on names when you’re out looking for new hair.

I hope you found this post helpful! Do you prefer raw or virgin hair? Comment below and let me know! Happy Saturday!