Favorite Places Visited in Nassau

Hey readers! This post is soooo long overdue. This holiday season was super busy and I wish I had more time to enjoy it.

Anyway, as promised, I’m gonna tell you my favorite places that I visited in the Bahamas during my cruise 2 weeks ago.

When my family and I first got off of the ship in Nassau, we were originally looking for a specific tour guide. The guy we wanted had a family and wouldn’t be done with their tour for another few hours. He recommended Simply Dave, who he thought would best accommodate us. Dave was AMAZING. I’m hoping that when I go on another cruise for my birthday that he can guide us again.

Dave showed us a lot of places and gave us information about the history of the city. We went to some pretty cool places including Atlantis and the Queen’s Staircase.

Bahama’s Rum Cake Factory


One of my favorite places to visit in the tourist area was the Bahamas Rum Cake Factory. The cake was extremely moist, and there was so much rum in it that I left the store tipsy! Okay I’m exaggerating, but just a little I promise. They gave out free samples of the original, coconut, and key lime rum cakes in the store. We ended up leaving with 5 of the mini cakes. There were so many people on the inside, and the space was so small that I didn’t have a chance to take any photos or videos of the inside of the factory, but I do have pictures of my cakes!

Now when you’re visiting places like the Bahamas, you’re often told to not leave the tourist area. We were with Dave and felt safe with him. Plus it honestly just felt like we were in the hood in the U.S. I mean if you lock your doors and tighten your grip on your purse every time a black person walks past you then maybe you shouldn’t go to the next two places on the list, but otherwise you’d enjoy it.

Tasty Teas


top- TJ Maxx, skirt- Forever 21, sandals- JCPenney

Another memorable place that I visited was Tasty Teas. The Tasty Teas building was beautiful. It was super colorful on the outside, perfect for taking pictures. They had a wide variety of teas that could help with tons of health issues such as colds, diabetes, and there was even one that helped with sexual endurance.


They also sold other things such as soaps, seasonings and juices. I grabbed a passion fruit juice with a shot of mango rum to go!

M & M Seafood


The very last place that Dave took us was under the bridge to M & M Seafood because we were all hungry for some fresh conch! The owner, Jerry was amazing! We all went up to the counter ordering fried conch, which he informed us is actually called “cracked conch” and no one would know what we were talking about if we said “fried conch.”


Then he talked us into also trying the conch salad. He showed us how to get the conch out of the shell, clean them, and prepare both the conch salad and cracked conch. The food was so yummy and the conch salad tasted so fresh. I really wish that I could have gotten a photo of the conch salad but everyone devoured it before I even had the chance to!


Now this isn’t a super fancy restaurant. It’s actually more like a shack under the bridge, but if you want to try authentic local food then I recommend this place for sure. We actually watched a man from the window fishing for the conch.


Well that’s all for today! Thanks for bearing with me and this extremely late post! Don’t forget to use the links on my site to follow me on my social media! I hope that everyone has a very Happy New Year! 2018 will be our year! Claim it!