21st Birthday!

Hello all! Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I couldn’t have been happier with how my day turned out! My day time look was super cute!

top- TJ Maxx, pants- Boohoo, shoes- Steve Madden, body chain- F21

I wore a pair of gaucho pants, with a float flower print cropped top, and some velvet Steve Madden booties. It was freezing cold, but I looked smoking hot so I didn’t care!

I did end up having to alter my nighttime look because of he weather. I was originally going to be wearing an adorable skirt, but opted to be warmer since the sun wouldn’t be out. I did love how the look came out though!

top- F21, pants- ???, belt- Dollskill, necklaces- F21

I wore a black off the shoulder shirt, camo pants, a chain belt, lace up heels, and a chain choker. I had an amazing time in Atlanta with all of my friends, and my mom!

This was my lovely birthday cake which we accidentally left 2 hours away at home! It was made by Felecia’s Cake Factory in Macon, Ga and it was honestly the best cake I’ve ever had in my life. Look at how cute it is!

We went to Flip Burger where I ate the GREATEST shrimp burger that I have ever had the pleasure of devouring, had loud conversations, and got to spend time together before it was time for us to return back to school.

Panther’s Legacy

Hello everyone! Today I wore a People’s Free Food Program t-shirt, net bodysuit, black high waisted jeans, a camo jacket, and a pair of converse.

The People’s Free Food Program was created and run by the Black Panther Party to feed breakfast to poor, inner city youth. The Program was set up in cities all across the nation feeding thousands of children everyday. This was just one of many programs that the Black Panthers had set up in order to aid the poor.

shirt-Philadelphia Printworks, bodysuit-F21, pants- American Apparel, jacket-F21, shoes-Converse

The best thing about this t-shirt is that when you buy one, 10% of the proceeds go towards Feed South Central.

I hope everyone has an amazing hump day!


Photo Dec 18, 7 25 12 PM

dress- Daya By Zendaya, shoes- some random shoe store

Hello all! I’m glad to be back writing again! My cruise came much sooner than I thought it would be so i’m sorry for being M.I.A with no explanation! I got back home yesterday and I am honestly 10x more stressed than I was before the cruise now.

I want to make a post telling you about all of the cool things that I got to experience while in the Bahamas and on the ship, but I want to do it all at once!

Photo Dec 18, 7 25 11 PM (1)

I decided to do a short OOTD today to quickly show you this GORGEOUS dress that I ordered from Daya by Zendaya. It isn’t a secret that I’ve been a Zendaya fan since Shake It Up on Disney Channel.

One thing about her that I have always admired is her style so I was super excited when I learned that she was going to release her own clothing line. When I saw this dress, it was love at first site.

Photo Dec 18, 7 24 15 PM

Everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion, my heartbeat quickened, and in that moment I knew that this dress had to be mine. A bit much? Maybe, but it’s true! I love all of the ruffles, layers, color, and the sheer overlay. This dress is everything OKAY? Just look at the shape it gives me!

I have had this dress for so long and this was my first time wearing it only because I wanted to save it for the right time. I wore it to the captain’s dinner the second night of our cruise.

Photo Dec 18, 7 25 11 PM

Thanks so much for tuning in! Sorry that i’m posting so late at night but I wanted to get this OOTD post in before I make the big post tomorrow with everything!