SmartCloset to the Rescue!

Since the closing down of Polyvore, many people, including myself, have taken to the app SmartCloset in order to put together looks. For those of you who aren’t sure what either of those are, I’m going to tell you.

Outfit created on my SmartCloset. Username: @askaboutnia

Both of these apps are/were used by stylist, to put together outfits and looks. Users can either search for a piece (shirts, shoes, dresses, accessories,etc.), or upload and cut out their own, in order to make stylish outfit collages.

I typically use my SmartCloset for fun. I use it to get outfit ideas out of my head, and onto a canvas that I can actually see. On my birthday, one of those collages actually came in handy. I struggled to figure out what I was gonna wear, when I realized that I had all of the components of one of the older outfits that I put together.

All except for the $800 Dior bag, and the $1200 Maison Margiela camel toe boots of course. With a few alterations based on the silver clasps instead of gold ones on my top, I was pretty satisfied with my birthday look.